Monday, January 21, 2013

Spring Reasoning

 I'd like to preface the 7 month update post with the good. I want to begin with what I've learned from my experiences up until now. It's very simple in concept, and very complicated in practice.

Yesterday, during our weekly house cleaning...I'm cutting myself off here: our cleaning routine. We share the space, and we share the responsibility for it. Sometimes, I have the best time of the weekend when cleaning with my boyfriend.

...we started pulling things out of closets and finding things all over the house that we didn't need, and suddenly didn't want anymore. We had gone shopping and all I could think about was how I wanted to buy art and decorations for the house to add color for spring. When we got home and started looking around we still had art in the closets that we hadn't gotten up since moving in! I put up a great piece in the living room, and the many of the others suddenly didn't seem so necessary (nor did the urge to purchase more).

So on the guest bed we collected a scrapbook album from my art modeling days, several cheap prints in cheap frames, curtain rods, an old slightly decrepit dell laptop/parts/bag, two yoga mats, pull up bar, and a plastic bag of random things. I made an appointment at our local consignment shop and it seems silly that we kept these things so long after disuse.

After all this, I still had the tiniest hankering for something new. I had grabbed snap shots of the art I liked at a store (commercial, not original works!) and decided I could incorporate my favorite in my own way. I did a mini art project and my boyfriend even joined in!

Time + Love = Appreciation + Happiness
This is not a strict formula, but it sure as hell made my weekend. We usually do everything together on the weekends, but this was special. Watching X-Files and was sweet.

 And in the end, I got exactly what I wanted. Buying myself or the house something would not have made me happy. Instead, I had quiet time with my family and got to express a little creativity in the process.


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    1. Thank you! It's amazing what some quiet time and company will do for oneself. I'd rather have sharpie marker art matted with printer paper and the person I love close to me, than the best art and a house full of things instead of family.