Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Room A Day #6, #7 & #8

6. Master Bedroom
7. Closet
8. Bathroom

 When you think about your bedroom, what comes to mind? How about your childhood bedroom? If you grew up in a hoarded house, your experience very different than someone who had a different home. The problem is, no matter how bad my bedroom got as a kid, I always had to go back to it. When I moved out and lived alone, my room got messy enough that I started avoiding it. I slept on the couch until I knew someone was coming over. It was never as bad as my childhood bedroom, but I felt as guilty and dirty and out of control as I did when I was a kid.

My mom has slept in the same bedroom for 24 years. She has redecorated, rearranged, and it still doesn't seem any different to me. My parents haven't always slept in the same room, and so the amount of control she has had over the room has see-sawed over the years. Currently she has the room to herself, and it shows.

This photo shows the view from the hallway door. Clothes and shoes spill out of the closet and are mounded on the bed. The bed is big enough the "stuff" doesn't have to move for her to crawl in and sleep. The half empty photo frame is pretty indicative of the situation. The photos that are in the frame, are actually just stuck between the glass and frame, not behind the mat inside the frame.

This is the view to the left. The dresser has been full and empty over the years, here it looks like it's overflowing. More clothes on the ground, and a desk that was moved into my bedroom shortly after I left. 

This is the far corner, you can see the rest of the bed, and the dresser full of office things.

This is the front edge of the bed, the doorway to the attached bathroom, and the closet.
Technically, I have the closet of the master bedroom listed as room #7, so I'm knocking that out now.
Immediately I notice the product box for a strobe light that my dad bought for my sister's 16th birthday party. We hosted it in the family room before it was finished off. My sister is 30.

This is one of the areas that would be great to get my mom to journal about. A bedroom is for relaxing, and it's only as relaxing as you make it. When my room was/is messy, I can't help but feel burdened and anxious. Bedrooms tend to come with or fit homes for "stuff." The closet wall is for clothes. The wall dresser is for clothes. The other wall dresser too. Why are clothes still on the bed and floor? It blows my mind. This is a clear example of what my dad and I refer to as "horizontal surface syndrome." When get ready for bed, my clothes end up on top of the dresser 90% of the time. I try to put them away in the morning, but most weekends I still have a few pieces piled up. I feel pretty guilty about it, because I know better, and I respect the person that I share the space with.

What would I do with this space? I want the best for my mom. If I had a day, a big budget, and free range, I would make a relaxing oasis for her that would be founded on organization. The closet could be tackled, I'd save it for hanging slacks, dresses, and pressed shirts. I'd ask her to choose between the dressers and sort away the rest of her wardrobe. An accessible shoe scheme would probably be in the closet, and the desks would be swapped out for wall shelving and a chair. I suppose, even the closet could be morphed into an inset office space with shelving.

Everyone deserves a clean healthy space. It's hard to think about my mother going to bed every night in that room. Of course, like I said in my previous post, it's been 7 months since I've been there so I can hope for improvement. After all, she did send me those texts about cleaning her closet.

Here, we have room #8, the attached bathroom. The lower right corner is the front of the toilet, and over that is a standing shelf system that is rusted and covered in partially used toiletries, refuse, and reading materials. In this photo you can see the tub of medications and oddities (including swimming goggles). Two metal carts are across from the toilet blocking access to the window and crowding the accordion door that separates this bathroom from the full bathroom (the tub/shower is on the other side of the door). A half-used roll of toilet paper is prominently balancing on the pile of crap...why it isn't on the roll holder, I can't see or remember. Perhaps it's blocked by something else, or maybe that's as far as it got from the package that is buried another layer below.

Along with the oasis theme, this could easily be an adorable space. I would take advantage of the vertical space, and keep everything very minimal. If the adjacent closet was to be re-purposed for something other than an office nook, It would be extended bathroom space. I would definitely swap out the accordion door for a pocket door. If fixtures were modernized, the pocket door would probably frosted glass or substrate plexi like you see on HGTV with reeds or cassette tape inside the panel.

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