Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Room A Day #3

3. The Living Room

This room is rarely used for visiting, or living since the garage was remodeled into the family room. There are more pieces of furniture in this room than are people living in the house. With two couches, two rocking chairs, and a full dining room set, this room is only a catch-all, a passing-through room, an extension of the hallway. My parents tend to travel for their work, and there are usually varied stages of packing and unpacking taking place on the varied pieces of furniture in this room. This room is also one of the last that my mother really took the time to decorate. She made a bold choice with the dark Americana red, and she was proud of how it turned out. That's the last time anyone really cared about the presentation of that room.

I mentioned in my post Long Time No Post that the wood around the large picture window is rotting out. My mom wants to take the window out, and replace it with either something similar, or smaller, separate windows that she can open. However, as my dad pointed out, there is often too much stuff in front of the window for it to serve it's purpose. They never open the curtains, blinds, or windows because there is too much stuff in front of the window. This creates both an accessibility issue to even open the windows, let alone an embarrassing aesthetic should someone look inside.

I'm not sure what this room should be used for. I've made my opinion pretty clear: they have too much space, and therefore fill it with too much stuff. If they ever plan on selling the house, this room is one that will definitely have to be presentable. The carpet in this room was ripped out after our family dog passed away, and the floors are in pretty good shape. Wood floors are huge for home buyers, but not if they can't see the floor for all the furniture and stuff. As for the second dining room table set, the set in the above photo is actually the original set from moving to this house in the early '90s. The set in the dining room (which I'll cover next with the kitchen) is a set my mom bought while threatening to move out and get an apartment. When I threatened to move out at 18, as many 18 year olds do, I started packing my things, not buying more and bringing it into the house I was supposedly desperate to get out of. But that's what my mom did. She bought the set and when it became clear that she wasn't going anywhere, and everyone stopped listening to the empty threats, the new set usurped the original. For the past five years or so both dining room tables have been within twenty feet of each other, although both are rarely clear or used.

This was the room I started in with my mother, after our initial "hoarding talk." It was right before Christmas two years ago, that I cried with my mom in the aisle of a kitchen store at our local mall. It was then and there that she agreed, through tears, that she hoards, and that her parents hoard. In the next aisle over, she spotted a marble rolling pin like the one she's wanted since she was a girl. I asked her why she never took care of herself and got rid of the ones she didn't like, and get one really good rolling pin. She couldn't tell me.

I made her a deal that if she got rid of at the at least three rolling pins back home, I would get her any one rolling pin she wanted for Christmas, no matter the price. She thought that was a great idea, but when we got home, she changed her mind. Once she saw her cracked plastic, freezable rolling pin, and the two wooden ones that never worked without tearing at dough, she couldn't part with them. My sister couldn't think of anything to get our mom for Christmas, so I went against our better judgement and told her about the rolling pin, and she gave it to my mom, without her having to get rid of the others.

I share this, because it was the living room that I sat on the couch with my mom and helped her go through our first box together. She had to touch everything, she defended everything, and, sadly, she kept nearly everything. I was allowed to throw away old notes and a few soda bottles. This was just one box on the couch, the same box I had to move so I could sit on the couch when I first came over that day.

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